On average, our silent auctions will help earn between 700$ and 2000$ per event.

We gave back 36 000$ of net profit to charity following our most lucrative silent auction.

Whether it is for a special event or gala, a fundraiser, an alumni party, a golf or a poker tournament, the services offered by Signature Pro are always free. All profits from the silent auctions will be given back to the cause chosen by the organizing committee of the event.

To make sure everyone has a chance to participate, we offer items (sports, artistic, touristic and lithography) in a wide variety of price range. The full amount between the winning and the starting bid is given back to the charity. Furthermore, if there is no bid on a specific item at the end of the evening, we will bring it back at no extra cost.

You were given some special items that you would like SIGNATURE PRO to include in the silent auction? No problem! We encourage you to give us these items and we will incorporate them to the auction. As we collect the payments by cash, cheques or credit card when the auction closes, we will give you back 100% of your item’s sale price.

If you are already taking care of you silent auction for your special event and would like to diversify your offering, SIGNATURE PRO would gladly help by lending you some items from our exclusive collection. We will even give you a hand running the auction during the event if you need some help. All profits from our sold items will be given back to the charity supported by your group.

Furthermore, SIGNATURE PRO will take care of everything.

Example of calculation of amounts given back to foundations