SIGNATURE PRO distributes high end exclusive collection items, framed with high quality material, at our wholesale prices.

Founded in 1998, SIGNATURE PRO became over the years the leading organizer of silent auctions in the province of Quebec. Since each special event is different, we make sure to bring items that will suit the needs of the guest attending and earn the most money possible for the charity. Like all silent auctions organized by SIGNATURE PRO, all profits will be given back to the charity supported by the organizing committee. For more details, visit our silent auction section. silent auction.

We know all the efforts that are needed to organize a great special event.

Here is a list with organisation and foundation we have been working with:

  • Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation
  • Special Olympics Quebec
  • En Coeur Foundation
  • Montreal Tennis Rogers Cup
  • Les anciens Alouettes
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SIGNATURE PRO’s main objective is to contribute to the success of your special event while offering exceptional service and exclusive collection items. Our service is offered free of charge. Furthermore, your volunteers can take care of other important matters as we do everything revolving around the silent auction. Because of our large experience in the field, we know what items to pick to entertain your guests and get the best possible financial return.

All our signed items are coming with a SIGNATURE PRO certificate of authenticity. Our silent auctions are a nice way to raise more money while entertaining guests at no extra cost and no hassle.